Nutritionist and fitness expert share exclusive tips on how to have a guilt free Diwali

Diwali is on its way which will be celebrated on November 14. It’s the most important and grandest festival of India that is associated with lights, crackers and delicious foods. But crackers should not be included as they create noise pollution and are harmful. So, light up some sky lanterns and indulge in lots of

THESE are the Vitamin D foods you need to add to your diet to boost immunity

During winters lack of Vitamin D can lead to having Vitamin D deficiency which results in multiple health problems making it prone to catching deadly viruses. Vitamin D is essential for the body to fight diseases, bone-related problems and seasonal flu. It boosts immunity in our body that essentially gives your body the energy to

Why teeth scaling is important to maintain healthy oral hygiene: Explained by Dr Gunita Singh

Good oral hygiene is a secret of a beautiful smile. Hence, it’s always highly important to maintain good oral hygiene, brush twice a day, do mouth rinsing after every meal, do gum massages regularly and tongue cleaning. But even after all this, professional cleaning is a must, you can never reach the area where a

Is PCOS common today? THESE are the natural ways to treat PCOS symptoms explains Dr Kiran

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down and made our lives hell for sure. With work from home and limitation to our daily workout as we are not able to go outdoors, the sedentary lifestyle has caused much damage to our bodies. One being Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that is most commonly found in

Things to Rely While Discovering Surrogacy Destination

Things to Rely While Discovering Surrogacy Destination Besides surrogacy an extensive and expensive process, it becomes challenging most of the time to find the best suitable station for surrogacy. Surrogacy cost is the foremost concern of the intended parents for which they have to suffer a lot but in that quest, they forget to consider

Can’t handle your feet? 4 activities to enhance adaptability

The easy move of stretching can relief you improve adaptability and flexibility. It may even prevent wounds and sicknesses – try these exercises that can support you improve adaptability. Ever thought why some humans are able to feel their paws with their hands like it’s a bit of cake, while you fight to even acquire

Pulmonologist Dr Lancelot Pinto explains what preventive measures should people with Asthma take during Diwali

The festive season in the Northern hemisphere coincides with winter, a season that tends to not be the best time of the year for people with lung ailments. It is a season in which viruses thrive, pollution levels tend to be higher, the air tends to be colder and people congregate more indoors, so, all