5 reasons you SHOULD add homemade Yogurt to your beauty regimen asap : Curd for beauty

While it is delightful to devour and chills off the body, curd likewise benefits the skin and hair with steady use and application. Here are a few reasons why it is valuable to add curd to your magnificence routine. You may be doing everything right – from rehearsing the CTM technique, adding all the essential

Here Get rid of dandruff NATURALLY at home with these EASY home remedies

With winters, comes the dry and bothersome scalp. Winters can trigger dandruff in your scalp as it burglarizes your scalp of the dampness. Attempt these 5 basic home solutions for dispose of dandruff and to have solid and sparkling hair. Winter season carries alongside it the dread of Dandruff. The nippy breeze in winters diminishes

FUE Hair Transplant- Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE Hair Transplant- Follicular Unit Extraction FUE Hair Transplant is one of the modern and most famous hair restoration techniques, which doctors are using nowadays. The procedure is not new; surgeons have been using transplantation techniques (Punch Hair Transplant) since 1950. There were many limitations in older techniques but these modern automated FUE techniques overcome