Reopening of Gyms: Orthopaedic Dr Ashish Jain shares the essential tips to stay safe during workout

Gyms have finally reopened after 7 months and health-conscious people cannot wait to start their workout routine once again. Gym enthusiasts can finally focus on their fitness goals. But we all have to be very careful while gymming to stay safe from this deadly Coronavirus.

Hence, Dr. Ashish Jain, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Trauma, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC, shares some tips to be safe in gyms. Read below!

Read below to know the safety measures before hitting the gym:

1. Scrutinise the COVID protocols laid down by your gym and familiarise yourself to the ‘new normal’. Make sure they are following the norms properly.

2. Be a ‘team player’ and do your part to stay safe. Wear a mask, sanitise your hands properly.

3. Select an appropriate gym time when there will be minimum crowd. This will reduce your risk of getting infected.

4. Make a structured workout plan. Designate days of the week and limit the time spent.

5. Make every minute at the gym counts. Come with a plan of warm-up, body part training, cool down and stretches. Ideally, it is restricted to an hour max.

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6. Use the least congested areas and equipment, maintain distance and do proper sanitization.

7. Masks, personal towels, gloves and constant hand sanitizer helps.

8. Keep the intensity high with minimal rest and very less socialising.

9. Avoid common areas like the changing rooms, washrooms and cafes as far as possible. Definitely use masks there.

10. Slowly get used to the equipment to minimise injuries and strains.

11. Always prefer quick machine circuits initially to facilitate muscles and joints. Gradually moving on to free weights to prevent injuries.

12. A good personal trainer always helps.

13. No ego lifts. Give the ‘muscle memory’ time to kick in.

14. Yes, your body will complain during a few days of gymming and you must distinguish between the good soreness and bad pain.

15. Watch out for any sudden sharp pains, visible swelling or restriction in joint movements. Put ice immediately and rest it out. Take a medical opinion if it doesn’t subside.

16. With your workouts back on track focus once again on your nutrition, especially proteins and adequate rest days for optimal gains. It is not just that one hour at the gym that matters, it is what you do the remaining hours of the day also.

Tips to follow an exercise plan as per body type:

William Sheldon in 1940 was the first to describe Body (Soma) types; Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs. These were further modified into mixed categories by the Health Carter system like ends-meso, meso-ecto, etc. as some individuals didn’t fit purely into a single body type. Every body type has certain physical characteristics and physiological traits that need us to define different types of diets and exercise protocols for each.


1.Short and stocky (square body frame).

2.Good at storing fat.

3.Bottom heavy (muscle + fat).

4.Large bone structure with a wide waist.


1.Strength training with post-workout cardio (4 times weekly).

2.Heavy weights with lower reps.

3.Work more on shoulders (shaping the V).

4.Separate cardio sessions (preferably fasted).

5.Calorie deficit diet.

6.Low carb and high fibre diet.

7.Avoid unless ‘crunches’ as waist widens.


1. Lean and tall.

2. Narrow bony frame (rectangle).

3. Difficult at muscle gain.


1. Avoid excess cardio (only low-intensity steady-state).

2. Compound movements for muscle strength (squats, deadlifts, bench, etc.).

3. Volume training helps (weight + reps).

4. High calorie diet (3000 cal/day) with starchy carbs.

5. Up to 2 gm protein per kg.


1. Essentially well built, muscular.

2. V-shaped body frame.

3. Pack muscle fast, doesn’t store fat.


1. Athletic power moves best, functional or CrossFit training.

2. Can eat whatever they want (avoid sugars).

3. High protein diet (1.5 gm/kg).

Remember that fitness is a journey and not a sprint. The gyms are not going anywhere soon. A great physique is earned with discipline, consistency and patience. So, stay safe and workout smartly.

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